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     Our waxing treatments are our speciality. By associating an ancient natural technique with the modern best ways of working, we are now able to offer our customers painfree hair removal treatments. All our waxings are performed with our painfree technique. This doesn't mean that it will be absolutely painfree from the first time (although with some people it is), but it will definitely be less painfull than any other wax you have ever received and that right from the first one.

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     Massages are a very important service for our customers. This is why we only hire people who have this 'I don't know what' in their hands that make a massage a success or just a standard massage. This gift is not given to everybody and this is why we put a strong focus on the profile of our people. A skill can always be learnt but a contact with people and knowing how to make them feel special is an innate characteristic that our people must have to work with us.
     This is what makes our massages so special.

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     The face of a person is an open window on their soul. Why would we leave our window dirty?
     Our facials are only dependent on the time you want to spend on them. We will then taylor them to your specific needs and make it unique to what you want.

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     With the makeup, the manicure is a service that has a direct impact on how you are seen by others because it is so apparent (as opposed to a waxing or a massage which is more hidden).
     This is why all our people are trained and have to practise this until they do it perfectly in order to make the R&R Nail Experience better than any other you could find in the nail bar around the corner.

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     As for the manicure, the pedicure is a very important service. And not only in summer when our shoes allow us to show how nicely done our pedicure is but also when we are wearing closed shoes. Because by wearing closed shoes, we are leaving our feet in a warm and wet environment, we need to make sure that they are well maintained and not only good-looking.
     This is all the difference between a standard pedicure and a R&R Experience one.

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     All our people are trained in Makeup by the best therapist in the UK. She has extensive experience in very high-standing places and did the makeup for one of the Miss who won the Miss France competition a few years ago.
     We are putting such a strong focus on the makeup training of our people because this is what is directly seen by everybody around our customers and as such, this is what is helping us to get known by word of mouth. Can you imagine an ugly makeup in the street? Would you go to this beauty therapist? Of course you wouldn't.
      This is why our people are the best.

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Our packs are the best way to get the best price for several treatments. Designed so that they are practical (to get ready for a night out for example or to organize a girl party), you will be able to find everything you need and if not, don't hesitate to contact us to tailor something to your needs.

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Our promise is the best beauty experience you have ever received and a luxury service that you can afford.