R&R Experience story

10 years to get... here?

This is how this place became what it is today.


Ruth is the most amazing beauty and spa therapist you will ever get to know. This not only relates to her technical skills and knowledge, but it is also her personality that makes her one in a million.  Ruth has overcome many challenges throughout her life, which has not only given her a great understanding of different cultures and backgrounds, but has also equipped her with the skills required to identify and empathise with people’s individual needs.  This has helped her to develop in to the successful and warm hearted person that she is today.


Colombian born Ruth studied hard at school and, after completing her ‘A’ level exams, attended university to obtain further qualifications where she embarked on a graphic design course.  At the age of seventeen, whilst still at university, Ruth found herself having to find work to maintain her family due to unexpected circumstances and so she decided to launch her own graphic design company, which enabled her to continue with her university degree until graduating in 2006.


In the meantime, Roland was studying mechanical engineering in France.  He was also learning to speak Spanish at this time and was keen to expand on his language skills, even if this meant moving to a Spanish speaking country.  He decided to search on the internet for a teacher of Spanish and this is where he first came in to contact with Ruth, who was offering Spanish lessons in her home town.  After several months of communicating on line, Ruth invited Roland to visit Colombia and meet up in person.   Following many conversations with Ruth, Roland decided that this trip could be a great opportunity for him to potentially seek an internship locally to Ruth’s home town which would allow him to further enhance his language skills.  Making the arrangements for this move was not straightforward, but after a few months Roland flew to Colombia to take up a six month internship.  After finishing this he returned to France to complete his engineering studies but, by this time he and Ruth had developed a close friendship, they both shared a desire for success, had a mutual respect for each other and, most importantly, they missed each other so they both agreed that it would be a natural progression for them to be together.  Eventually, after eighteen months, Ruth moved to France and they were married soon after. 


Ruth settled in well and began go look at her opportunities, but first she had to learn to speak the language and, as her degree obtained in Colombia was not recognised in France, she had to look at alternative employment.  Ruth had told Roland during their early days of meeting, that she dreamed of one day becoming a beautician and Roland made a promise to Ruth that, if one day her dream came true and she made a career in beauty, then he would make sure that she had her own salon, but for now this was just a dream of Ruth’s.  An opening became available to train in book production and so Ruth commenced a twelve month training course and at the end of the course she was invited to become an apprentice but there were restrictions in this apprenticeship that Ruth considered to be discriminatory and so she declined this offer.  Roland and Ruth discussed whether his income would allow them to manage without her working for a while so that she could consider what she really wanted to do and this is how the idea of becoming a beauty therapist was conceived.  They were both very aware of the competition in the beauty industry and felt that Ruth’s natural abilities lay in this direction and that she should set her standards high when it came to training.   They could both see Ruth’s potential to excel and so they decided to accept nothing but the best and so she enrolled at a highly reputable and exclusive training college in Paris.   As the course wasn’t due to start for some months, they both saw this as a good opportunity to find ways to add to their funds so Ruth took on any work she could find, sometimes working day and night to ensure that she could contribute to the registration fee for the course.


Ruth started her course with excitement and enthusiasm and knew very soon that she had found something very special.   Her hard work and commitment earnt her the respect of her peers and this started to pay off when she received her first big opportunity to attend a prestigious event at a Beauty Spa in the south of France, where she was requested to make up a contestant in the Miss France competition.  Later in to the course, another opportunity arose for Ruth to attend a beauty exhibition in Paris.   Ruth and Roland saw this visit as a chance for her to walk in to every beauty salon on the Champs Elysees Avenue to enquire about possible vacancies and hand out her CV.   Luck was most definitely on Ruth’s side that day as one of the salons she attended were about to advertise for a beautician and, after looking at Ruth’s CV and talking to her for a while, she was offered the position in what could only be described as one of the most sought after addresses in the world !  Ruth’s training course was coming to an end so this was perfect timing.


As time went on Roland’s career was progressing and he was approached about a professional opportunity in the UK.   This was an offer that both he and Ruth knew was not to be refused and so they uprooted themselves and moved to England.   They both settled in well and used their resources to widen their horizons but, once again, Ruth was faced with the language barrier so, in her usual determined way, she immediately started to learn the basics of English and found a job in a restaurant to encourage her English speaking and earn money at the same time.   However, Ruth was very keen to return to work in a beauty salon and it wasn’t long before she was successful in securing work in a beauty salon in Bristol. 


But there was one thing that Roland had still not achieved and that was the promise that he made to her soon after they first met and that was to ensure that one day she would own her very own beauty salon.  The reality was that funds would not allow that to happen just yet, but Roland could see that this dream was becoming a potential reality for them now and so, in the meantime, they looked at Ruth starting her own mobile beauty business.   No sooner had they looked in to the possibility of this, Ruth was up and running and her reputation began to attract regular custom.   In Roland, she had her very own business and marketing manager and the two of them were an invincible team.   In parallel to this, Roland was looking at the idea of applying hypnosis techniques to reduce pain for waxing treatments within the beauty setting; this would be using the same process that had been used in the early days during surgical operations before the chemical anaesthetic was discovered.    Always wanting to enhance their business and offer their clients an optimum service, Roland decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist at the Clifton Practice, recognised as a centre of excellence. Roland acquired the technique and subsequently trialled this with their willing clients and the results and feedback were very good. The word got around and each month more and more customers were contacting Ruth for appointments.   This increase in custom and a good business plan, allowed Roland and Ruth to start to think about fulfilling Ruth’s dream of having their own salon.   After only six months, they found what they had been looking for and, although it needed a lot of renovations and refurbishment, they started to build their dream.   After many weeks of working hard all day and through the night, R&R Experience opened its doors to the public and Ruth’s dream became a reality ….  


Ruth and Roland have always fought hard together and throughout their journey they discovered that there is nothing they cannot do as long as they work as a team and this has been the thread that they picked up and have shared since their very first meeting.  


R&R Experience is growing in size and reputation and both Roland and Ruth believe that all their customers deserve the best treatment with a slice of Parisian luxury at an affordable price. 


Within only 8 months, the salon in Bristol went from 10 customers a week to consistently over 120 a week. This is why they started to look for another place to provide the same services from and only 2 months later the R&R Experience salon in Gloucester was opened.


We are now about to expand the business further by franchising it and hope to be able to provide our world class services to as many people as we can.


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the best experience as soon as you walk through our door.


Ruth and Roland