Why a R&R Experience Franchise?

Buying a Beauty Salon franchise is a great solution if you want to work for yourself but like the idea of not starting everything from scratch by yourself and getting support in every aspect of the development of your business.

Starting a new business is scary and risky. There will always be so many more things than what you could ever prepare for, things that you can only learn by experience. This is why at R&R Experience we have launched the R&R Experience Franchise network, so that beauty therapists who want to set up their own business can do so while taking advantage of the experience we already have.

The main problem we came across when people graduate and want to set up their own beauty business is that although their beauty therapy training has given them reasonably good beauty therapy skills, they are usually struggling to manage a business. If you franchise with R&R Experience, you will become part of a tried-and-tested business model which has already enabled us to launch several beauty salons with very limited initial investment.


What it means to be part of the R&R Experience franchise network
The R&R Experience franchise network aims at enabling people to get their own business while reducing and managing the risks to a maximum and optimizing the efficiency of the business in order to make your business as profitable as possible.

This means:
- Help and Support in finding premises to operate from and help for the refurbishment if needed

- An ongoing training right from the word "go" both on the beauty therapy techniques and the business management methods that have made the R&R Experience success

- All the equipment and products are provided so that you can start working straight away

- Most of the non-money-generating tasks are managed by the R&R Experience head quarters so that you can focus on what you do best and deliver a world class service while optimizing your time to make your business as profitable as possible.

Is franchising with R&R Experience good for you?

Whether you just graduated and would like to set up your own business or you own premises and would get a little more than just a rent or you have already worked some time in a beauty salon but would like to take up a new challenge, there are plenty of reasons why you should franchise with R&R Experience.

To get more information about the R&R Experience franchise network, don't hesitate to contact us at and become part of one of the fastest growing beauty salon networks in the country.